Create and use your AI,without coding.Easy, collaborative, in-browser AI suite enables you to create5+ types of AI applications - without coding and setting up.

Features for all skill levels
In-browser AI suite
Start building your own AI anytime, anywhere on any OS.
Real-time collaboration
Invite your friends, teammates, and colleagues right into your AI project.
High resolution image support
Deep Block is specialized in high resolution imagery. Analyze aerial image, microscopy with Deep Block.
5+ AI applications
From image segmentation to style transfer and facial expression recognition, stay in one platform to learn and use AI applications you want.
Creative platform
The second you create a new AI, it's instantly sharable with the world.
Learning resources
Learn how to build and use AI. A powerful AI community of Deep Block will help you.
Enterprise solutions
Build a well optimized AI model with ease. Deep Block will provide a priority support for you.
Connect your AI model with your applications. Integrate AI to your work with minimal effort.

In-browser AI suiteCreate your AI right in your browser.
No GPU required, 0 setup, and collaborative.Deep Block is the best tool for quickly learning, sharing, and developing AI in any OS, right from your browser.Learn more about Deep Block >
High resolution imagingAutomate the scientific image analysis.
Deep Block provides data pre-processing tools and AI models that can process high-resolution images.Detect objects from micrographs, aerial photographs, satellite images with Deep Block.Learn more about Deep Block >
AI educationLearn and practice in one place.
Using AI is easier than you think.Read our educational content and watch tutorial videos to create and use your own AI with your mouse.Learn more about the easiest way to use AI >
Enterprise solutionsBuild a fully managed AI system.
Develop AI vision solutions with minimal cost and time.We can also provide custom AI solutions and infrastructure for you.Learn more about the Enterprise solutions >
Creative platformCreate and share your AI.
All your projects, instantly live.On Deep Block, you can share your AI project with your team or the public with a simple mouse click.Learn more about the Project store >

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